Fall Wireless Innovation Forum Working Group Meetings
and CBRS Workshops

Making shared spectrum effective is a mutual challenge.  Simultaneously protecting incumbents, while providing meaningful opportunities for investment in new and expanded services is a goal that can only be accomplished jointly.  These workshop sessions will explore how this can be accomplished even more effectively, as the learnings of CBRS are  shared between the Government and Industry.

Working Group Meetings, 19 September 2023


What are the Challenges to Full Implementation of CBRS

20 September 2023

The purpose of this workshop is to explore joint challenges to making CBRS, as well as other Federal/Industry sharing more successful, and in particular, to discuss the perceived "blockers" to full utilization and exploitation of shared spectrum, such as CBRS. While CBRS has been embraced by Fixed Wireless Access broadband operators, challenges for many of the other use cases are still perceived to remain.  Industry panelists will include mobile and multiple system operators (MNOs and MSOs), as well as other current and potential users of the CBRS band.

9:00 Introduction of Workshop - Preston Marshall, Google and Cochair of the CBRS Committee

9:15 Operators perspective - panel session moderated by Preston Marshall

  • Joe Attanasio, Comcast
  • Dennis Canoy, Senior Director of Wireless Operations, Charter
  • Max Solondz, Member of the Technical Staff, Verizon
  • Louis Peraertz,  VP Policy, WISPA 

10:30 Break

11:00 Manufacturers perspective - panel session moderated by Mark Gibson

  • Matt Mangriotis, Director of Product Management, Cambium Networks
  • Stephen Rayment, Ericsson 
  • Jayasheel Shetty, Nokia 
  • Ed Wyatt, Manager, Systems Engineering, RUCKUS Networks
12:00 Government perspective – Moderated by Richard Bernhardt, WISPA and Co-chair of the CBRS Committee
  • Charles Cooper, NTIA
  • Vernita D. Harris, Director, Electromagnetic Spectrum Enterprise Policy & Programs, Department of Defense Chief Information Officer
  • Tom Dowd, Director for Ranges/Target Operations, Instrumentation & Labs at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWC WD)
1:00 Lunch

2:00 - 2:45 Complexity of Channel Reassignment, Ariful Hannan, Solution Architect, Google

3:00 - 5:00 Roundtable discussion – moderated by Richard Bernhardt, WISPA and Co-chair of the CBRS Committee

  • Takeaways from morning session
  • Planning of roadmap activities

Real Time Awareness of Radio Environment - Sensing versus Informing

21 September 2023
[Virtual Registration] [Schedule with speaker bios]

The goal of this workshop is to define a research driven quantitative approach to assessing strategies for creating awareness in support of spectrum sharing

  • Which technology is best to create awareness of presence for each type of usage
  • Methodology versus policy versus use cases

9:00 Legacy Discussion - Preston Marshall, Google

  • Self-sensing
  • Cooperative or engineered system
  • Pure informing

9:30 Where Sensing Works versus Where it Doesn't  - Preston Marshall, Google 

10:00 Issues with Incumbent Awareness in CBRS - Andy Clegg, Google

10:30 Break

11:00 Issues with TVWS - Mark Gibson, CommScope

11:15 Opportunities for Passive Systems - Kevin Gifford, CU Boulder

11:45 Government perspective - Jennifer McCarthy, VP Legal Affairs, Federated Wireless

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Summary of Morning Session, Richard Bernhardt, WISPA

2:15 to 5:00 Roundtable Discussion, moderated by Richard Bernhardt, WISPA

  • What is the way forward