What is the Citizens Broadband Radio Service?

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What is CBRS?

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is the 3550-3700 MHZ spectrum band allocated for public use by the FCC. The underlying standards for this three-tiered access system have been developed by the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum), a multi-stakeholder group.

How do we benefit from CBRS Standards?

- Ecosystem Interoperability among:

  • Embedded devices/IOT
  • Smart Cities
  • Private Netwoks
  • Fixed Wireless
  • Neutral Host

Who are the participants in the CBRS Ecosystem?

  • Wireless Innovation Forum as a multi-stakeholder group of:
    • Grandfathered Wireless
    • NTIA
    • US DoD
    • Fixed Satellite Services
    • CBRS Alliance (through collaboration agreement)
    • Equipment Manufacturers (also members of CBRS Alliance)
    • SAS Administrators (also members of CBRS Alliance)
    • Operators (also members of CBRS Alliance)

What went into building the 10 CBRS Baseline Standards?

The WInnForum’s Spectrum Sharing Committee serves as the premier industry and government CBRS standards body. It supports the development and advancement of spectrum sharing technologies based on the FCC’s Part 96 rules.

Standards creation included:

  • 336 Participants
    • 27% Equipment Manufacturers
    • 25% Incumbent and Government Stakeholders
    • 22% SAS Administrators
    • 14% Operator Organizations (MSO, MNO)
    • 12% Other ecosystem
  • 63 Organizations
    • 33% Incumbent and Government Stakeholder
    • 25% Other Ecosystem
    • 20% Equipment Manufacturers
    • 12% SAS Administrator
    • 10% Operator Organizations (MSO, MNO)
  • 30,000+ person hours
  • 1,300+ meeting hours

Ecosystem put in place: Q4 2019 (press release here)


Download the infographic! Right click on the image below to save and re-use. When you post, please credit the Wireless Innovation Forum for its creation and link back to https://cbrs.wirelessinnvation.org for more information.