CBRS Baseline Standards for Post Initial Certification (Release 1+) 

Enhancements to CBRS Baseline Standards (Release 2) can be found here.

The CBRS Baseline Standards Release 1 were created by the Wireless innovation Forum to address the requirements of 47 CFR Part 96, and to develop an ecosystem of interoperable Spectrum Access System and CBRS device technologies. 

These documents contain changes to “Requirements for Commercial Operation in the U.S. 35503700 MHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service Band” technical specification (WINNF-TS-0112V1.9.0), also known as the Release 1 Baseline Operational and Functional Requirements. Unlike the requirements capture in “CBRS Operational and Functional Requirements (Release 2)”, which are entirely driven by industry need to improve commercial operation, the requirements captured here extend the baseline requirements used for initial certification to capture changes in the FCC Part 96 rules or changes in the implementation of those rules as communicated by the FCC via Public Notice, Knowledge Database (KDB) entry, or other means. The source for each change is referenced throughout the document wherever applicable. While adoption of the requirements captured in this extension, or any WInnForum Standard, is voluntary, as with Release 1, demonstrating conformance with these requirements may be deemed by the FCC to be sufficient to show compliance with the Part 96 rules. 

Please note: This next evolution of CBRS is captured in the WInnForum's CBRS Baseline Standards for Post Initial Certification (Release 1+) library.  These standards have been adopted by OnGo Alliance, along with others, as a part of their CBRS 2.0 initiative

Version 1.2.0 
3 May 2024

Post Initial Certification Revisions to WINNF-TS-0112-V1.9.1

V 1.1.0 (deprecated 3 May 2024)
V 1.0.0
(deprecated 14 November 2023)

Version 1.0.0 
27 October 2023

Post Initial Certification Revisions to Baseline SAS - SAS Interface Technical Specification

Version 1.0.0 
3 May 2024

Post Initial Certification Revisions to WINNF-TS-0061-V1.5.2



Please note: as of 29 June 2017 the Wireless Innovation Forum changed their document numbering policy per a directive from its Board of Directors. The new numbering system will significantly simplify the release process. The Forum will keep all the existing, published documents online so that those that are being reference can continue to be. Staff will update the links, etc. in old documents as they are updated to reflect references to the the new document number. If you have any questions or issues, please email Stephanie Hamill.

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