CBRS Non-Regulatory Impacting Enhanced Features (Release 2) Supported by Spectrum Access System (SAS) Operators

A key element of the WInnForum plan for enhancements to the CBRS baseline standards is supporting the ecosystem in “self certifying” that their products fully the meet the requirements for non-regulatory impacting features defined in the Release 2 standards (WINNF-TS-1001, WINNF-TS-3003). For a company to claim conformance, they must abide by the Policy established in WINNF-TS-4005:

  • test the product feature implementation against the WINNF-TS-4003 test specification for that feature;
  • include a declaration on the packaging and in any materials relating to any self-tested product of the optional Release 2 features supported by the product as to which compliance is asserted; and
  • submit a statement to WInnForum summarizing the testing for each feature and attesting to the passage by such products with all required tests.

Products and features meeting this criteria are listed here.

 Please note that all SAS Administrators must support Feature Capability Exchange to claim conformance with Release 2.

  Company Optional Features Supported

Features Key:

1: Enhanced CBSD Group Handling
2: Principal-Subordinate Single Frequency Group
3: Interdependent Single Frequency Group 
4: Separable Single Frequency Group 
5: Enhanced Antenna Patterns 
6: CPE - CBSD Indicator 
7: Passive DAS 
Example Company 1,3,6








Supporting documents:

Downloadable on our Enhancements to CBRS Baseline Standards Release 2 page

  • WINNF-TS-4004 CBRS Release 2 Test Specification CBSD DP as UUT 
  • WINNF-TS-1001 CBRS Release 2 Operational and Functional Requirements
  • WINNF-TS-3002 Extensions to SAS-CBSD Interface Technical Specification (Release 2)
  • WINNF-TS-3003 Extensions to SAS-SAS Interface Technical Specification (Release 2)
  • WINNF-TS-4005 CBRS Release 2 Self-Testing Policy