Approved CBRS Certified Professional Installer (CPI) Training Program Administrators

WInnForum Approved CPI Training Programs

The CBRS band provides for a sophisticated multi-tier shared spectrum with protected incumbents. Pursuant to the FCC, the majority of CBRS radio transceivers or Citizen’s Broadband Service Devices (CBSDs) must be installed by a CPI in order to lawfully operate within the designated spectrum of CBRS.

In order to meet the FCC Part 96 rules, CPIs must be trained and currently certified. The WInnForum’s the CPI Accreditation Standard provides a working outline of how training programs for CPI will be achieved as well as what CBSDs need certification, CPI responsibilities, and more.

The standard in its entirety can be downloaded here

Submissions should include a signed formal offer in response to this RFP and a request to be accredited by WInnForum.  All RFP material should be sent to:

Mr. Lee Pucker, Chief Executive Officer
Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum)
[email protected]

Request for Proposal:

The Wireless Innovation Forum’s Spectrum Sharing Committee is seeking candidates to be approved to operate Certified Professional Installer Certification Programs pursuant to the  following documents:

Background Webinar:

Spectrum Sharing Committee Webinar: All you Need to Know About the CBRS CPI Process (webinar) (slides)