Success Case Studies in the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) Band

Telrad equipment and CommScope SAS provide IGL TeleConnect with the ideal end-to-end CBRS solution

How a Kansas ISP leveraged CBRS to connect a rural community with help from Blinq Networks, CommScope’s SAS team, and PCS Technologies

McAllen Shared Spectrum CBRS

Dallas Love Field and Federated Wireless

American Dream Mall and Federated Wireless 


Do you want to be profiled here?

The WInnForum is looking for examples of deployments, use cases, and success stories in the CBRS band using WInnForum CBRS Standards.

Have you deployed in the CBRS band?  Do you have an interesting use case?  We are looking for a wide-variety of deployments using the WInnforum CBRS Standards.  If you submit a short description of your use case (can even be one or two sentences or longer if you wish) along with photos or illustrations (if you have them), then we will consider featuring it here. We will also include a link back to your website (optional) if you want to provide more detail. Case descriptions can promote your organization, or can be anonymous, and you can choose to include locations or not. The only requirement is that it uses WInnForum CBRS Standards (Baseline/Release 1 and /or Enhanced/Release 2).  Non-members are welcome to submit use cases as well. We want to showcase all the different ways CBRS can be used and creative ways it is used!

Our goal is to celebrate and maybe even boast a bit about the success of the band that our Forum members have spent years helping to create.  We hope you will join us in contributing to this use case compendium and celebration of CBRS.

Submit your use case or have questions answered: Stephanie.Hamill@WirelessInnovation

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