Join us for a three-day on site meeting of
the Wireless Innovation Forum's CBRS Committee

23 to 25 January, 2024
Hosted by Google
1900 Reston Metro Plaza, 16th Floor
Reston VA 20190


Registration for this meeting can be found here:

The preliminary agenda is as follows:

  1. Plenary session
    1. Roundtable discussion on how to engage with Government to make CBRS better
    2. Other potential agenda items include
      1. PAL channel reassignment
      2. Relaxing of propagation model (clutter)
      3. Reconsideration of DPA protection neighborhoods
        1. Based on network loading, clutter loss, device EIRP, differentiation within Cat B device types
      4. Certification models
      5. Dynamic DPA
        1. IIC/TARDyS3+ESC combination to limit ESC WZ activation periods and pDPA over-reservations (using new sensors)
        2. How can industry help govt bring up IIC?
      6. PRB Blanking
        1. What does govt need to have trust in technology aided sharing?
  2. WG1, WG3,WG4, WG5 sessions as required
    1. Changes from SAS admins in discussions with IJWG may need to be addressed in WG1
    2. May need changes in WG3 for TR-0205 to address PAL channel reassignment, etc.
    3. May need time for WG4 to discuss how to test for clutter, etc.